Cookies & Cake Pops Cookies & Cake Pops Sugar Cookies for Zoe's party Sugar cookies in a 'Z' for Zoe's birthday party. 189092258 Cake 'Pups' Cute little bites of red velvet cake pops, covered in a ricj chocolate ganache and decorated with little fondant eyes, ears, nose and tongue to look like little dogs. 164898342 Teapot Sugar Cookies Vanilla sugar cookies decorated with red, white and blue fondant decorations. 189703312 Bridal Shower Cake Pop Favors Chocolate and vanilla cake pops covered in pink and white chocolate and decorated with colored sugar to coordinate with the shower theme. 195152571 Special Agent OSO sugar cookie Sugar cookies, decorated with fondant. 195152574 White Rabbit Cookies White Rabbit vanilla sugar cookies, decorated with fondant. These were individually bagged to be the party favors of the Magician party. 195152575 Tea Pot Cookie favors Teapot vanilla sugar cookies decorated with fondant and individually bagged to be favors at an Afternoon Tea theme party. 195152576 Hot Pink & Polka Dot Stiletto Cookies 165629227 Purple Flower Shoe Cookies 165629228 Tiger Stripes Shoe cookies 165629229 Pretty Shoe Cookies Vanilla sugar cokkies decorated with pale pink fondant and edible sugar pearls. 165629226 Fox Sugar Cookies 197593271 Christmas snowflake cookies 197593272 Mittens Sugar Cookies 197593273 Gingerbread men sugar cookies 197593274 Christmas Bells Sugar Cookies 197593275 Christmas tree sugar cookies 197593276 Christmas Stockings sugar cookies 197593277 Christmas Ornament sugar Cookies 197593278 Christening Cookies 200047545 Rock Star Guitar Cookies 200047550 Car Cookies Cookies you can play with and eat! These fun sugar cookies are decorated with fondant and come with their own set of wheels! 202195349 Checkered Flag Cookies These vanilla sugar cookies are decorated in fondant and hand painted with food coloring. 202195350 Paint Palette Cookies Perfect for a paint party these sugar cookies are decorated like mini paint palettes for the little artists. 202846884