Childrens Cakes Childrens Cakes Baseball Cap Birthday Cake Moist vanilla sponge filled with creamy peanut butter buttercream and covered in delicious fondant. 134259804 Emily's 7th Birthday A tasty vanilla sheet cake covered in vanilla buttercream and decorated with a miniature Emily in her football jersey and ice skating skirt, all made out of fondant. 103486074 Electric Guitar Cake A chocolate sheet cake was filled with vanilla buttercream and carved into the shape of the guitar and covered in blue fondant. 103487170 Sweet 16 Birthday Cake A 10 inch, four layer chocolate and vanilla sponge cake filled with rich chocolate buttercream and decorated with a black and white zebra print. the top tier is a 7 inch square red velvet cake, filled with creamcheese buttercream and covered in hot pink fondant and decorated with black & white poka dots. 137283659 McKenna's Birthday Cake A delicious vanilla sponge cake layered with cherry vanilla buttercream and covered in fondant. Flower cut outs in fondant decorate the cake. 103879527 Pink Daisy Birthday Cake This is a special gluten free/dairy free cake decorated with fondant for a special birthday girl. 123837185 Pink Daisy brirthday cake Complete with fondant butterflies flying around the sides of the cake. 123837186 Frog Graduation Cake A 10 inch marble cake filled and covered in delicious vanilla buttercream, and a layer of blue fondant. Decorated with fondant accents including a hand sculpted frog, lilly pad, water lillies and foliage. 128234801 Little Mermaid Birthday Cake A two tiered Madiera cake filled with peach filling and vanilla buttercream. Covered in sea blue buttercream and decorated with handmade fondant sea creatures, coral and Ariel the mermaid 131094663 Little Mermaid Cake 131094664 Jelly Bean 1st Birthday Cake Delicious chocolate & Vanilla sponge layered with chocolate & vanilla buttercream. Covered in yellow fondant and decoarted with 100 handmade fondant jelly beans. 138574261 Brown & Turquoise Cake An 8 inch chocolate fudgecake filled with creamy peanut butter butter cream and covered in chocolate fondant. Decorated with fondant drapes and bows for a little girls birthday. 140972660 Electric Guitar Cake This almost life size replica of a boys guitar made the perfect birthday cake. Made of layers of vanilla and chocolate sponge, covered in fondant with piped royal icing details. 160618773 Minnie Mouse cake A 10 inch chocolate cake filled and covered in pink vanilla buttercream and decorated with a hand cut fondant Minnie Mouse complete with a 3d bow. 182983375 Captain America Cake A large vanilla sheet cake filled with strawberry preserves and covered in vanilla buttercream. Decorated with fondant in Captain America theme for a boys birthday. 190580757 Big Cupcake & the little mouse cake Made from the childrens story book, a big cupcake made of layers of white cake, filled with raspberry and vanilla buttercream. Covered in vanilla buttercream and decorated with sprinkles and chocolate chips. 183804295 Big Cupcake & the little mouse cake A hand sculpted fondant mouse with his own little piece of cake! 183804296 Cars theme 1st birthday cake Three layers of vanilla and red velvet cake filled with cream cheese butter cream and covered in blue fondant. 189088623 ABC Theme Birthday Cake A vanilla sponge cake filled and covered in smooth vanilla buttercream and decorated with primary colored fondant alphabet letters, for a little boys birthday! 195152408 Thomas the Train cake A delicious chocolate cake filled with chocolate buttercream, and covered in fondant. 197593143 My Little Pony Birthday Cake A two tier cake made of vanilla and chocolate cakes with vanilla buttercream, covered and decorated in fondant. 197593144 Magician Theme Cupcake display A display made up of cupcakes and cookies for a magician theme birthday party. The bunny coming out of the hat is made of fondant, and the cookies were individually wrapped to use as favors. 195152412 Magician Theme Cupcakes An assortment of vanilla and chocolate cupcakes with vanilla and chocolate buttercream. Decorated with fondant wands, stars, playing cards and hats! 195152411 Cinderella Dress Cake Layers of vanilla sponge with chocolate buttercream. Covered with fondant and royal icing piping details 199275277 Harry Potter Cake Vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream. 199275278 Pink Princess Cupcake Dress Two dozen chocolate cupcakes, decorated with fluffy pink buttercream, sparkly edible glitter, and topped with a princess tiara. 200047482 Minion Birthday Cake A super cute Minion birthday cake made of vanilla cake and vanilla buttercream. Covered and decorated in fondant. 201138916 Paw Patrol Birthday Cake A giant bone shape cake for a Paw Patrol theme birthday party. Made of yummy vanilla cake and filled and covered in vanilla buttercream. 201138917 Cats Birthday Cake Modelled on the birthday girls pet cats! Vanilla sponge cake filled and covered in buttercream and decorated in fondant. 202195320 Race car cupcake! Delicious chocolate cupcakes, decorated with a handmade fondant race car and flag 202195321 1st Birthday 'Smash' cake An adorable 6" vanilla cake filled with creamy vanilla buttercream and decorated with piped buttercream, perfect for little hands to smash!! 202195322 Pinata Cake A five layer chocolate cake filled with creamy chocolate buttercream and decorated with colorful fondant. Mini M&M's spilled out of its center when it was cut!! No stick required! 202195323 Transformers Cake 202847160 Transformers Cake 202847161